Two children escape alleged kidnappers thanks to their mother's simple advice -
Two children escape alleged kidnappers…
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Two children escape alleged kidnappers thanks to their mother's simple advice

December 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Our children's safety is certainly a hot topic, which is very important to us, and which has absolute priority. You know when children are admonished with phrases such as "do not talk to strangers"? In reality, in the belief that you are doing good, you are making a mistake. Why? Because one day your children may need to turn to a stranger, a policeman for example, to ask for help. Rather, what you should be teaching your children is how to recognize and defend against those strangers who may actually pose a threat to them. Jodie Norton, mother of 4 children, knows what this means and wanted to share this story, experienced firsthand by her 2 oldest children, to warn all parents in the world.

Jodie Norton was in the shower at 8.30 am when she felt a sudden pain in her belly that left her dizzy and nauseated. Somehow, she managed to get dressed, round up her 4 children and drive to the nearest emergency room, just 5 minutes from home. With a cool head, Jodie realized how reckless she had been to drive in such pain, she should certainly have called an ambulance! In any case, once she arrived, she went in taking her 2 youngest children with her and leaving the older ones (one 10 and the other 8 years old) just outside the emergency room door, waiting for a neighbor to come to retrieve them and take them to school. At the time, the woman assumed that the neighbor would take 5 minutes to arrive, given that the distance from home was minimal, but she was wrong. The children waited a full 40 minutes for this person to take them to school and, meanwhile, had a potentially dangerous experience that, thank God, worked out for the best.

image: Pexels

While CJ, 10, and T-Dawg, 8, waited patiently on a bench outside the hospital, a woman and two boys approached them with a strange request: "There is a friend of ours who's locked in the hospital bathroom, could you convince him to come out? He needs to be treated. " The oldest, CJ, politely refused the strange request for help from the three suspects three times, following his instincts and doing what his mother had always taught him: "No, thanks". After a while, fortunately, the neighbor arrived to pick up the boys. As they were preparing to get into the car, they saw another boy come out of the hospital and join the other suspicious group. Shortly after, the 4 alleged criminals disappeared in a car. The mother of the two children learned of the whole story only later that afternoon, when they returned from school and she was deeply shocked, although happy that everything was over for the best. CJ confirmed her suspicions: "I thought they were people we shouldn't talk to because they asked for help. No honest adult asks for help from children." Fortunately, the lessons had been learned.

Every parent should educate their children to make sensible decisions, rather than just burdening them with anxieties and fears.


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