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A woman gives birth to a record-breaking…
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A woman gives birth to a record-breaking baby: at her birth, she weighed over 17 pounds

By Alison Forde

Having a baby is one of the most extraordinary gifts that life can give us; although for parents the long period of pregnancy can be characterized by emotional ups and downs, in the end the birth of child into the world is a unique and always moving event, and not without some surprises. For example, Whitney Hallet, an American mom, underwent an unexpected Caesarean delivery with her fourth child, only to realize later why doctors had made this decision ...

via: Amo Mama

First, during her pregnancy Whitney suffered from gestational diabetes, a condition which is not uncommon in pregnant women, and which can often lead to the birth of babies who are of heavier birth weight than the average infant. Doctors and nurses were therefore aware of the fact that a child with a high weight would be delivered, but no one was really prepared for the arrival of "little" Waylon ...

When the caesarean section was completed, the doctors and nurses were surprised: the little Waylon was a big baby, and only by putting him on the scales did they have the mathematical confirmation: mother Whitney's long-awaited child weighed over 17 pounds, the same average weight as a baby at six months of age!

Waylon's father couldn't believe his eyes: "We ended up weighing him three times because no one could believe he actually weighed 17 pounds. At first, I thought maybe the scales were broken!"


Because of his considerable weight, little Waylon had some complications after his birth; he had trouble eating and breathing and for this reason he was admitted to the NICU for about seven weeks before leaving the hospital and being taken to his new home.

But now, everything is looking up for little Waylon and his family, after all, not everyone gets into the record books when they are born, do they?


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