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17 tattoos that you'll have to look…
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17 tattoos that you'll have to look at twice to understand how things really are


Deciding to get a tattoo means to denote on your skin something that is important and meaningful for your life!

Of course, we cannot dismiss the aesthetic component, and there is nothing wrong with visually enriching a concept and making it unique and beautiful to see.

If you love tattoos whose aesthetic component is preponderant, here are some ideas that certainly will not go unnoticed! However, it will take at least two looks to understand the full effect of the optical illusion!

The magnifying glass has been recreated to perfection.

A leap into the void.


To show everyone what you are made of!

A new world to be discovered.

The missing piece.


Pure hypnosis.

If you feel like one of the superheroes ...


Body-painting art that deserves an applause.

image: Hikaru Cho

Each of us has a universe inside!


The first overcoat we wear.

image: Hikaru Cho

It looks real!

For those who love getting lost in the world ...

The spirit of a fighter!

Inlaid wood effect.

Forever in my heart.

Face to face with a scorpion.

A scar on the skin.

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