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12 images of the past that never cease…
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12 images of the past that never cease to impress us due to the stories they tell

April 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Resisting the fascination stimulated by documentaries that describe recent history is really difficult but, unfortunately, we do not always have the time to follow up with an in-depth analysis of the events.

On the other hand, photography has the power to convey stories and emotions, all within the brief amount of time necessary for one glance and perhaps to read a short caption.

The photos assembled here speak of events more or less famous and more or less relevant that cover issues that are very distant from each other. Take a look and tell us which one impressed you the most.

1. One of the views of the fake neighborhood that the US built near Seattle to hide a Boeing bomber factory from detection by the Japanese enemy.

image: Seattle Times Archive

Find here the intriguing story and other interesting images.

2. In 1999, Brad Pitt was already an established actor and a sex symbol requested by major world magazines. Here we see him in a photo shoot created by Rolling Stones magazine wearing some rather unusual attire. Did you remember this?

image: Rolling Stones Magazine

3. The greatest icon of beauty and elegance of her time in a domestic setting. To take an appreciable photo of Audrey Hepburn did not require creating artificial scenes.

4. Albina Mali-Hočevar, a Yugoslav national heroine who in the years of the Second World War fought on the national front, surviving countless injuries, some very serious.

5. This is Hannah Stilley, the oldest person to be immortalized in photographs. She was born around 1746 and the image was taken in 1840.


6. The photograph of a Ukrainian bride taken in 1909.

7. A photo taken at the end of the 1970s, when trams and streetcars were more widespread means of transport.


8. Do you recognize him? Look closely ...

This is a very young Winston Churchill in a photo that dates back to 1895.

9. Some of the minds behind the creation of "The Simpsons", including TV presenter Conan O'Brian (1992).


10. A couple shows the use of an air-raid shelter officially called "Table (Morrison) Indoor Shelter", which in the course of the Second World War saved 120 of the 136 people who used it, even in cases where their house had been damaged by a direct bomb hit and not just one that had happened nearby.

image: Wikipedia

11. A rare meeting between humans and polar bears in which there is an interaction that is anything but violent.

image: russian7.ru

12. On June 13, 1936, the German factory worker August Landmesser refuses to make the Nazi salute as a form of protest against the racial laws that prevented him from living with his beloved wife, a Jewish woman named Irma Eckler.

Find the complete story of this courageous couple here.


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