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He saved 669 Jewish children from Nazi deportation: the survivors still thank him

The years between 1933 and 1945, those in which the Second World War and the tragedy of the Holocaust took place, were among the darkest in contemporary history. In the history books we can learn in detail…

A soldier returns home after years and surprises his little brother: the moving video of their meeting

When some of our family members are forced to work abroad or spend too much of their time away from their home, it can become difficult to bear the absence. Especially if it is a father, a mother or a…

14 very important vintage photos that are not usually shown in history books

Period photographs offer us historical documents of great value which, along with other historical sources allow us to understand and reconstruct the past. They are essential to understanding more deeply…

15 images from the past that have the power to take us back in time better than any history book

Looking at old dusty photos has the power to take us back in time to a historical moment or period in the past which we are too young to remember, or before we were even born. Very often, old photographs…

Once upon a time parents didn't know these 8 inventions from the past were so dangerous for their children

The life of a parent is not easy: mum and dad always try to do the best for their child, and to do so they must be able to evaluate the many options that are constantly offered to them. Which would be…

A 3-year-old boy is bullied in kindergarten for wearing a Frozen backpack: "It's for girls"

Children, especially if they are of preschool age, should be left free to play and dream of whatever is able to tickle their imagination. Even if society has always imposed on us very specific gender…

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