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She has a miscarriage and loses her baby and then finds herself paralyzed --- all because of a tattoo!

Satisfying a whim and getting a tattoo at the wrong time in life cost a 16-year-old Colombian girl dearly. In fact, Luisa Fernada Buitrago wanted at all costs to tattoo something under her right breast…

The farmer's parable is a Chinese story that we should all read before something bad happens

Unfortunately, misfortunes can happen during life's journey. But you can never know whether a misfortune can turn into something positive, even lucky. Every event, whether positive or negative, causes…

The "scold's bridle" or how people who gossipped were punished in the Middle Ages

An annoying neighbor never misses an opportunity to gossip about the daily habits of the residents in their apartment complex -including you- to the whole neighborhood and you think that there is no…

18 rare historical photos that you will not find anywhere else

When we say that "this photo has made history" there are two slightly different meanings. On one hand, we want to say that a key moment in the history of humanity has been immortalized or that it can…

12 images of the past that never cease to impress us due to the stories they tell

Resisting the fascination stimulated by documentaries that describe recent history is really difficult but, unfortunately, we do not always have the time to follow up with an in-depth analysis of the…

9 impressive images show us how fruits and vegetables have changed over the centuries

All of us are used to thinking about fruits and vegetables in the forms in which we find them on the fruit and vegetable stands, almost assuming that Mother Nature has delivered them, exactly as they…

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