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Young child knocks on the school door and runs away leaving a cardboard box with a message: "Find a home for this puppy"

Dogs are not toys, although they are often given as gifts at Christmas or to children like they are fluffy toys; a dog is part of the family, has needs and needs a lot of love and attention. There are…

Police arrest a newly-married couple because the bride's wedding dress was stolen from her future husband's ex-wife

The wedding day is the most important in the life of the couple who decide to take the plunge. Both the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be prepare months and months in advance to choose the location for…

German Shepherd inherits € 360 million euros ($ 412 million dollars) and becomes one of the richest dogs in the world

What would you do if you were to inherit a sum equal to € 360 million euros ($ 412 million dollars)? This is a truly staggering figure for anyone, no doubt about it. Notwithstanding how overwhelming…

She is 98 years old and survived Auschwitz: today she tells young people on TikTok about horrors of the Holocaust

Social networks can be an important tool for conveying important and less important messages - it all really lies in the use made of them. Many young people today seem to find it fulfilling to share…

Elderly woman deletes her daughter-in-law from her son's wedding photo - she could not stand her

It goes without saying how important a wedding day is for those who are getting married - not only for the happy couple but also for all those who, in some shape or form, surround their daily life: from…

Who betrayed Anna Frank and her family? After 77 years, investigators have a name

How did the German Gestapo, on August 4, 1944, discover the exact place where Anne Frank's family had been hiding? It is a mystery that, perhaps, finally after 77 years, has an answer. Anne Frank's life…

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