15 images from the past that have the…
A poor man delivers sweets door to door with a broken bicycle: the police decide to give him a new one

15 images from the past that have the power to take us back in time better than any history book

January 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Looking at old dusty photos has the power to take us back in time to a historical moment or period in the past which we are too young to remember, or before we were even born. Very often, old photographs take on a truly important historical significance and value, especially if they have the ability to show us how things were better than a school book. Here we have selected for you some truly incredible pictures of the past!

The first selfie seems to have been taken in 1900: here it is!

London, 1951: the first screening of a film with 3D glasses at the local cinema!


Vladimir Zworykin gives a practical demonstration of the first television. We are in 1929!

A dance school for kids in the 1950s: how they had fun!

image: Imgur

Husband and wife smile at home in 1914 Oklahoma


A snowman of enormous proportions. We are in the Soviet Union in the late 1960s.

I found this old photograph of my father from the 80s - how cool he was!


Family Christmas in the 50s!

My parents in a shot from the 80s: they were dressed up for Halloween!


Here we are in 1939 and the one on the right is my grandmother in a photo she posed for with her best friend!

My grandmother, Miss Latin America 1958!

My grandfather was truly a real dance legend!

Christmas morning 1977: these boys look delighted that Santa came!

Princess Diana in a photo taken by William at the age of 7: 1989

image: jab116/Reddit

A portrait of a young Elizabeth II, shortly after she became Queen of the United Kingdom: 1952


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