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15 people share photos of their tattoos…
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15 people share photos of their tattoos and reveal their hidden meaning

January 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Every tattoo has a story but not everyone wants to share theirs: the question that those who have a tattoo just can't stand being asked is “what does it mean?”. The meaning of a tattoo is often not immediately understandable to those who look at it from the outside: it often represents an event, an intimate moment that has marked the life of those who decide to engrave the memory with ink and people do not always gladly share this memory. In these 15 photos, however, some people have decided to do tell the story behind their ink. This list may serve as inspiration or even move you. The certainty is that we all have something or someone we love and will always remember, whether it's engraved on our skin or not.

1. The tattoo represents the eyes and smile of the Cheshire Cat but sometimes you have to look at things in a different light to grasp their meaning.

2. It is an ambigram tattoo: depending on the position from which you read it, it takes on two totally different meanings.


3. This is also an ambigram tattoo, but the two meanings are connected to each other: "regret nothing".

4. This girl has decided to tattoo her father's distinquishing features: his mustache and his big glasses.

5. This man designed his tattoo to symbolize support for his wife who was going through a difficult time.


6. His mom often left notes lying around the house for him, so the son decided to reproduce one.

7. This girl got a tattoo of the message that Daddy written in her elementary yearbook: "I'm proud of you. Love, Dad."


8. This girl has decided to tattoo the title of the last book read by her father, and he reached page 128.

9. This tattoo was chosen by the younger brother and represents the bond with his older brother: the two always played with lego together.


10. This girl decided to tattoo the message her best friend once left for her to find.

11. This boy decided to tattoo sound waves representing his father's laughter - a way to carry this joyful feeling everywhere.

12. This woman lost everything and set out to rebuild the house she had lost - she tattooed the plans on her hands as a reminder.

13. This girl and her sister decided to get a tattoo in honor of their father: each swallow has its own meaning.

14. This woman has decided to cover an old tattoo with a diamond: hearts can be broken but diamonds cannot.

15. This tattoo reproduces the cat face drawn by a famous designer and the fur patterning from the guy's own kitten.

These tattoos are unique, they are interesting and have extremely touching meanings. Those who decide to get a tattoo never do it lightly. Which story touched you most?

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