Police arrest a newly-married couple…
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Police arrest a newly-married couple because the bride's wedding dress was stolen from her future husband's ex-wife

March 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The wedding day is the most important in the life of the couple who decide to take the plunge. Both the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be prepare months and months in advance to choose the location for their religious or civil ceremony: the restaurant where the reception is held, as well as the menu for the many guests and the clothes to wear. Perhaps it is easier for the groom, because for the bride, in addition to choosing the right, traditional white dress, there are many other things to organize and plan for long in advance.

Today we want to tell you an incredible story that has as its subjects two newlyweds and a friend they have in common. , This friend took to Reddit to tell her story and to ask users opinions whether or not she was the villain of the story which she detailed in her post. In short, this woman was very good friends with the husband and wife, but after a few years of marriage, the couple separated after the wife found out that her husband had cheated on her. When they separated, the ex-husband passed by the home to get his things, and shortly afterwards, the ex-wife noticed some of her jewelry and her white wedding dress were missing. At first, it seemed truly impossible that the man, her ex, had stolen these items.

Years later, the friend, who told the whole story on Reddit, was invited to the man's second wedding. When she attended the ceremony, she couldn't help but notice that the bride's white wedding dress seemed very similar, if not almost identical, to that of her dear friend - the man's ex. So she took a picture of the dress and immediately sent it to her friend - who was probably the rightful owner of the dress...

Immediately, the ex-wife recognized the wedding dress she was missing at home, as well as some of the jewelry being worn in the photo. The ex-wife thanked her friend for sending her the photo and immediately called the police. An hour later, the officers arrived during the reception and politely asked the new bride to follow them to the police station. At the station, the bride was asked to leave the dress and jewels she was wearing that day in police lockers because they had been stolen years ago. As the ex-wife who told her story says, her ex-husband now no longer speaks to her and considers her to be a real "karen" for having ruined his wedding day by calling the police.

Many Reddit users have sided with the faithful friend who recognized the dress and jewelry and sent the photos to their rightful owner. Others said they would have preferred if the theft had been reported after the wedding day, so as not to ruin the happy event.

And you? What would you have done?


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