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Her baby wass in danger and mother cat…
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Her baby wass in danger and mother cat took him to the emergency room: she asked the doctors for help

July 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Often animals have the ability to surprise us. Not only as regards their animal nature, but for attitudes similar to human ones. In movies or cartoons we are used to seeing them behaving like people, even talking, but of course this is fiction.

However, sometimes, reality also manages to surprise us, showing how these creatures really have a soul. Today's incredible story has moved and stunned the internet.

via: T24

In a hospital in Turkey it was a day like any other. The usual coming and going of people, including patients, medical and paramedical staff. Suddenly, in the midst of that daily coming and going, the doors were opened and two very special guests entered.

It was a cat mom with her baby. For all those who met them along the entrance corridor, it was a spontaneous reaction to let them pass, opening the doors wide if necessary.

At first the scene seemed only funny and unusual. Then from the animal's brisk pace it became clear that the situation was far from a laughing matter. The kitten was sick, and his mother, without thinking for a moment, took him to a place where she felt or "knew" that they could help him.

Maybe it was the case that someone brought them to this place on purpose, this is not known. It is for sure however that she knew that in that place she would receive help, and so it was.


The nurses who were free rushed around the sweet pair, took the kitten and promptly examined him. Someone else stayed with mom trying to calm her down and reassure her with a plate of milk and a little petting.

The kitten was given first aid, and when he was out of danger, for safety he was transported to a veterinarian for a detailed checkup.

The story was published on social networks with photos depicting each part of the sequence. In the end, everything went well, also because in Turkey there is a great respect for animals.

One wonders what would have happened in any other hospital in the world. Luckily this time, cat mother and baby have come across the right one.

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