A soldier returns home after years and…
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A soldier returns home after years and surprises his little brother: the moving video of their meeting

June 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When some of our family members are forced to work abroad or spend too much of their time away from their home, it can become difficult to bear the absence. Especially if it is a father, a mother or a brother or sister. For the little ones in the family, then, the suffering is certainly greater. Of course, nowadays there are many possibilities to video call and stay in touch even if you are many kilometers away from home, whereas once you had to wait days and days for a reply to a letter. Even so, it can be frustrating to see your father or brother exclusively through a mobile phone screen. The little guy in this story, in fact, very much missed his brother who had had to leave to serve in the American navy. The day he was able to hug him again was magical!

In the moving video shot by his parents, the child has his eyes blindfolded and his palms turned upward, as requested. He doesn't quite know what awaits him, but he knows there will be a surprise. His mother hands him a military cap and invites him to guess what it is. After touching the object, the little boy guesses correctly, but remains a little perplexed as to why she was giving him the hat. After taking off the blindfold, the little one realizes that the hat he was holding was of the military type, just like one worn by his brave older brother:  indeed it was a very nice surprise! But his mother invites him to turn around and asks him: and do you like this a surprise? Behind her was the boy's beloved brother, who had finally returned home after who knows how many months!

The thrill of seeing him again without warning is so great that the child falls to the ground. After a few seconds he is immediately in the arms of his brother, moved and excited by that unexpected but long-awaited meeting. It was a moment full of strong emotions, in which the child let himself go in a liberating bout of tears. On the other hand, when someone we love is forced to be away for a long time, it is normal to miss them so much. Watch the video to relive this young boy's moving reunion! 

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