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Woman finds her cat playing with his…
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Woman finds her cat playing with his dopplegänger: she almost thought he somehow "duplicated" himself

July 27, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

What would you do if you encountered your dopplegänger randomly on the street? We're not talking about someone who looks like you, but someone who is an exact replica of you. The answer definitely isn't easy; it's probably one of those you could only respond to while you're in the moment. 

When talking about animals, it's already funny to see how they react when they see themselves in the mirror. What would happen though, if you find out that you're cat isn't looking in a mirror, but face-to-face with another cat that could pass as his twin brother? That's exactly what this article talks about. 

via: The Dodo

Devi Larsen has a beautiful grey cat named Loki. He's sly and mischevious, just like his name (a fan of nordic divinità, Devi named him Loki for a reason). His social and sweet side, however, would have everyone rethinking that he's a snobby cat, though. And those who are lucky to have met him, know this about him.  

Loki loves the outdoors; he loves to play in the grass and bath in the sun. Devi, however, doesn't like it when he plays outside all alone. That's why she contructed Loki a special leash that would keep him from going too far from the house. 

The leash is pretty long, so this means that he has tons of space to play outside without really feeling like he's tied to one. On the day of the bizzare incident, it started out like every other day, with Loki playing outside on his leash. 


Everything changed when Devi heard what sounded like Loki and another cat fighting. When she hurried outside, she couldn't believe what she saw. Right in front of Loki was another cat that looked identical to Loki, and they were fighting! Devi quickly separated the two and brought her cat inside. 

Luckily, Loki was unhurt; it appears that he had only suffered a couple scratches. Afraid that the encounter might take place again, Devi made some changes to Loki's outside time. 

For now, she has zero intentions of letting Loki outside by himself; she would hate for his evil twin to come back again and pehaps harm him even more the next time. 

She now has built him a protective covering that will keep him safe, but also maintains his freedom. Who knows what Loki thinks of it, but at least there's no chance of his dopplegänger getting him again!

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