The wonderful reaction of a cat at the…
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The wonderful reaction of a cat at the precise moment in which she discovers she is pregnant!

May 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The existence of animals that live in the streets is difficult. They live with the risk of contracting the most disparate diseases, at the mercy of the most extreme weather conditions, and constantly exposed to the risk of ending up hit by a motor vehicle.

In a country with harsh winters like Greenland, we can imagine that surviving is even more difficult. Nevertheless, the cat Ulla succeeded, by managing to find some kind of shelter during the coldest months.

Then in April someone noticed her and took her where they could take care of her needs --- with the top priority being her kittens that were due to arrive soon!

 As soon as she arrived at the Nuuk city shelter, Ulla immediately looked for a place to feel safe and secure.

Although in a very short time she made friends with the other animals at the shelter and proved to be a really sweet cat,  the volunteers at the shelter soon realized that there was something strange about her.

Ulla seemed to be gaining weight a little too quickly!


For this reason, a veterinarian was called, who immediately proceeded to give the new arrival an ultrasound scan.

The image on the screen left no room for doubt! Ulla would become a mother soon! But how did she take this? The photo that the volunteers took says a lot ...

She takes one look at the monitor screen, then we see the terror that is painted on her face ... Oh yes, the news of impending motherhood can have this effect! 😛


The image was shared on social media and has been so successful that someone has come forward to adopt Ulla, along with all the kittens that will be born!

A tender happy ending for a cat who risked continuing to be exposed to the dangers of living in the streets!

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