Cat saves her mistress's life by jumping…
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Cat saves her mistress's life by jumping on her stomach: she didn't know she had a tumor

April 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Gill Kelly, a 56-year-old woman, had no idea she was sick until her cat unwittingly warned her. Did you perhaps think that a pet couldn't save the life of a human being? Well, Gill's story is one of many that clearly show how precious our four-legged friends can be. The English woman believed she had entered menopause, not suspecting that the symptoms she had were linked to something much more serious. But one day, her kitten jumped on her stomach, compressing her abdomen so much that she screamed in her pain. Pain like that certainly couldn't be normal and, in fact, after some medical analyses, Gill discovered the frightening truth.

How many times have we heard stories of dogs or other heroic animals saving their owner's life? It is normal for an animal that has received love and care to be attached to its family and to show this love even in the most difficult of moments for its master. We have already told stories of about dogs and cats that, in some mysterious way, "felt" the disease of an owner and then tried, in every way possible, to warn them. In 2017, the life of Gill, a 56-year-old resident of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (UK), was unwittingly saved by her cat when it jumped on her stomach. When the cat landed on her stomach, Gill felt a stabbing pain in her abdomen, which made her scream. Her husband, worried about her strong reaction, suggested that she get checked by a doctor right away.

After some investigation, Gill discovered that her cat, Humbug, had jumped on a 2 kg cancerous tumor that, until then, had gone totally unnoticed. The woman was not going through menopause as she had thought, but rather, she had ovarian cancer.

Thanks to a very successful surgical intervention, the tumor was removed and Gill was able to return to her usual life: "If it hadn't been for Humbug, I would have continued to endure the discomfort I had, which means that the cancer would have been much more advanced and much more difficult to take care of ".

Gill doesn't hide her fear about a possible return of cancer which could take her life, but she is learning to manage her anxiety and has opened her door to two other kittens, Felix and Bolt. Of course, she will always be grateful to Humbug, the amazing cat who, in a sense, literally saved her life.

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