When she found out that her cat had…
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When she found out that her cat had a best friend at the shelter, this woman decided to adopt him too

February 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

You recognize two friends from afar, because staying together is for them a special bond that wins every challenge and difficulty. A friend is someone to laugh with in life, but he is also the one who chooses to stay with us in times of need. It is difficult to live without friends, since human beings are by nature "social animals", who tend to come together with other individuals. It is not certain whether the same philosophy can also apply in the animal world, but surely dogs and cats also become attached to their own kind, especially after sharing an important part of their life together. Dwight and Conan, for example, are two cute kittens who, for 1 year, had always been together, sharing what we could call "a beautiful friendship". Unfortunately, their ways suddenly split and so did their friendship, as Dwight was transferred to another refuge and later adopted. Fortunately, the happy ending was not long in coming.

When Dwight arrived in a refuge in Kennebunk, Maine (USA), he was scared and with no one on his side. The kitten had lived in another shelter for 1 year, where he had made an incredible friendship with another kitten, Conan, also a being cared for by the animal shelter. From the first day, a special chemistry had developed between the two, which led them to always stay together, whatever activity they carried out.

After a year of this friendship, Dwight was taken to Maine, where he met his new "mom", Megan Marsh. Marsh also knew her from the first moment that Dwight was the right cat for her. After years of speculation and second thoughts, she finally decided to adopt a kitty. Marsh, however, was unaware of Dwight's past and had no idea that Dwight had a special friend somewhere.


"Dwight is the sweetest cat I've ever seen," said Marsh, initially worried about finding herself with a suspicious and wary animal. Dwight, on the other hand, turned out to be the perfect cat: he loves pampering and follows her everywhere in the apartment.

Dwight's story was clearer when one of the refuge volunteers contacted her to tell her about Conan, who remained in the refuge, still waiting to be adopted. With that call, the volunteer hoped to reunite the two old friends.

Marsh thought long and hard about adopting another cat, worried that her apartment might not be big enough, but then she made her decision.

Marsh has also decided to adopt Conan, convinced that she is doing the right thing for her pet. "It makes sense, those two were best friends: I would have been crazy if I hadn't brought them together again!" Marsh said.

A story with a happy ending, therefore, in which friendship undoubtedly triumphs.

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