Real class isn't just knowing how to dress, it's also knowing how to respect others -
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Real class isn't just knowing how to…
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Real class isn't just knowing how to dress, it's also knowing how to respect others

By Cylia Queen

When we hear the word "class," we most likely think of someone who knows how to dress well; they know what colors to pair together, what styles are "in" and the more expensive the price tag, the better. Apart from the way we "see" class, we probably think of a person who is cold and emotionally distant. Perhaps, we're already thinking of someone we know or at least once knew. Why is that? It's simply because the concept of "class" is misunderstood. 

The truth is, "class" is a way of life; it has nothing to do with knowing how to dress.  

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The word "class" is actually similar to what having good manners and a good attitude toward the people around us means. It's not about what clothes we have in our closet, but about how we present ourselves as a person. Having class is knowing how to handle ourselves in whatever situation is thrown at us. It's how we interact with others and the people we love. Do we express or hide our emotions? Do we help a person when we see them in need or do we ignore them and go about our day? It's definitely not hard to dress like you have class; actually having "it," however, takes a lot of time of looking inward and learning how to become a better person. 

Wearing designer labels or driving a fancy BMW will only get you so far. If you really want to prove to someone how much class you have, you should first start with showing them empathy and kindness.    

People with real class know that it's not right to take advantage of others, or feel superior to them. They know when to admit that they're wrong and when to say thank you. They feel empathy for others and are happy to lend a hand whenever someone is in need. They respect and treat others as they would like and expect to be treated. It has nothing to do with what they wear. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with wearing the latest fashion trends, but just remember that class isn't just skin deep. 

Class is first and foremost a way of life; it takes positive qualities like gratitude, good manners, and respect to have it.

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