This policeman took an 8-year-old girl who had lost her dad to the Father-Daughter school dance -
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This policeman took an 8-year-old girl…
A husband and wife have created a A little boy hugs the pizza delivery man without knowing that the man had recently lost his daughter

This policeman took an 8-year-old girl who had lost her dad to the Father-Daughter school dance


The relationship between dads and daughters is a very special bond. In fact, before any man who will eventually be a part of the life of a girl or woman, the first is always their father.

Fathers are very important figures, real pillars of support for the growth of their daughters, who, thanks to them, can get to know exemplary male models and high standards.

It goes without saying, then, that, in the tragic eventuality that a dad passes away when his daughter is still very young, the event can be very traumatic and she will need a lot of help.

Consequently, in these cases, every gesture and every little bit of attention is fundamental and can be life-changing for a little girl whose father has recently died.

Fortunately, this is something that Nick Harvey, a 43-year-old police agent from Arkansas who works in the school system as a crime prevention officer, knows very well. 

via: Today
And consequently, he decided that he wanted to give a special gift to a little eight-year-old girl whose father had recently died.
The event that afforded police officer Harvey that opportunity was the Father-Daughter school dance that is a very important and deeply felt school tradition, by both the parents and their daughters.
Unfortunately, however, for little eight-year-old Avey Cox, the closer the date for the Father-Daughter dance came, the more her anxiety and sadness increased.
Avey had, in fact, a few months earlier, lost her father with whom she had a special relationship, and moreover, now she no longer had anyone to go to the school dance with.
After learning about her situation, Nick Harvey decided to do something concrete; so, he contacted the little girl's mother, asking her if it was okay for him to accompany Avey to the Father-Daughter school dance.
Avey's mother gave her permission, and Nick "officially" asked the eight-year-old girl if he could be the one to take her to the school dance. Avey said yes, and Nick, along with five other fathers, even rented a limousine to take the little girls to the school dance.
Dressed elegantly for the occasion, the two spent a wonderful evening together between dancing, pizza, ice cream, and lots of laughter.
Avey was thrilled to be able to attend the school event, so much that now she cannot stop smiling and talking about that beautiful evening.
We hope that thanks to the thoughtful and generous gesture of this "dad for one evening", this little girl has managed to find a bit of serenity and happiness in a moment of her life that is certainly not very easy.
Kudos and heartfelt thanks to this kind and caring policeman!

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