A 3-year-old boy is bullied in kindergarten…
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A 3-year-old boy is bullied in kindergarten for wearing a Frozen backpack: "It's for girls"

October 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Children, especially if they are of preschool age, should be left free to play and dream of whatever is able to tickle their imagination. Even if society has always imposed on us very specific gender stereotypes, young children in their natural evolution will not distinguish between dolls or construction kits, and if they do, it will be solely and exclusively based on their personal tastes. In short, it will not be a choice based on the thought that a certain types of toys are "male" and others "female". Unfortunately, however, the child comes into contact very early with this type of reality and internalizes it until he truly makes it his own. And then, during the  school years bullying can occur against those who have not yet been contaminated by this clear division of the world of toys into "male" or "female".

In France, a kindergarten child was mocked for wearing a backpack from Frozen, the famous Disney film that stars two female heroines. A film that, as much as both girls and boys like it, is perceived very much as a "feminine product", whose merchandising therefore has a very specific target: girls from 0 to 10 years. But what harm is there if a 3-year-old is attracted to a colorful backpack featuring the fantastic heroines of the last cartoon he saw? Think of the thrill of always carrying them with him even when he is at school, away from mum and dad and from his bedroom ... Instead, someone has seen fit to mock him for his taste and his choice. The child's father denounced this story on Twitter, also attracting the attention of the Disney organization itself, which asked for the family's home address, probably to send something important to the little one and show him all the support in the world.

Is it possible that at 3 years of age, this child could be forced to give up his backpack, just to avoid bullying?


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