This abandoned dog was condemned to certain death, but this boy has given her a new life -
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This abandoned dog was condemned to…
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This abandoned dog was condemned to certain death, but this boy has given her a new life

October 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are creatures condemned to live through terrible experiences, from which there seems to be no way out but which instead, luckily for them, turn out to be the beginning of a new life. The little dog we are about to tell you of is well aware of this; an animal mistreated and rejected by heartless people, who fortunately enountered a boy who was unable to remain indifferent to the suffering she was going through.

For her, he was a real savior, a benefactor who showed her that men are not all as cruel as those who had put her life at risk.

We are in Monterrey, Mexico. Here, young Israel witnessed a scene that no person with a little heart would ever want to see. In the street, on the curb, there was an abandoned dog, evidently malnourished and completely weakened. It was immediately clear that the little dog had been cruelly abandoned.

Israel, at that point, decided that he had to act and do something concrete to save her. "When I looked at her closely, my heart broke, I couldn't believe anyone could have abandoned her and left her there in that pitiful state," he said. After giving her food and water, the boy managed to revive the poor dog a little. It was obvious, at that point, that he would take her with him, giving her all the care, affection and attention she had lacked until then.


And Victoria - as the little dog was called - came through, just like a brave warrior who has won a terrible battle. In six months her condition has improved to say the least: the dog has transformed into another animal, compared to what she was reduced to when Israel found her on the street. No sadness veils her face anymore: now this splendid creature is serene, playful and "smiling", together with her human friend who, as fate would have it, was passing by that day and saved her from a horrible fate.

Victoria's pictures and her story quickly traveled around the world, and Israel could not help but share what she had experienced also with the hope that, sooner or later, the photos of the dog in pitiful condition would reach the eyes of those who had left her on the street. Delighted at the happy ending of this story, we hope that this is the case, and that human beings can be more sensitive to topics such as the abandonment of defenseless animals.

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