This faithful poodle does not accept that his mistress is no longer here and visits her grave every day -
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This faithful poodle does not accept…
A 17-year-old dad finds himself raising his daughter alone after he is abandoned by his parents and his partner

This faithful poodle does not accept that his mistress is no longer here and visits her grave every day

October 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The relationship that is created between a dog and its owner is a bond of friendship, solidarity and love that goes far beyond any other type of relationship imaginable. Especially if the dog in question has been raised since the very first months of life, we know that the bond it will have developed with its owner will be almost indestructible. A woman on Twitter testifies to this and she wanted to share the story of her sister and her little dog Benito: "My sister died 4 years ago and Benito, her dog who accompanied her in the last 2 years of her life, continues to keep her company today". A phrase that refers to the fact that even after the tragic passing of his mistress, little Benito continues to visit her grave.

Benito is a beautiful black poodle who was adopted in the first months of his life by Joha, a girl who was literally like a mother to him. Imagine his reaction to the sad reality: Joha, his mistress, is gone, but he refuses to accept it and every time he visits her, he stays for hours on top of her grave, as if expecting to find her there, in flesh and blood, at any moment.

The story went viral after Joha's sister posted Benito's story on Twitter, praising his loyalty and love. In fact, Benito still demonstrates today, 4 years after the death of his mistress, what is called "unconditional love".


In the heartwarming video in the Twitter post, you can easily see how the little dog was always very happy in Joha's company.

 The very thought that these two can no longer be together is truly heartbreaking.

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