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A poor guy hugs his little dog after…
He studies by the streetlight after finishing the evening shift: between school and work, he doesn't have time to do it at home

A poor guy hugs his little dog after performing in front of a traffic light: he was heartbroken and desperate

April 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We leave the house every day, cross city streets full of unknown people and, among all these, even those apparently "invisible" to us, there are those who are there on the side of the road in the cold and frost, or in the summer heat, asking for an act of charity, a few coins from  a stranger to get on, or simply two bucks to buy food. They are the homeless, the new poor, unsuspected people who previously had everything and then the prevailing economic crisis has transformed their lives for the worse ...

They can be of any age, even young people who, to make ends meet without a steady job, lurk on busy streets performing music or other artistic performances. Such as the boy in these very moving images captured by the photographic lens of a Colombian gentleman, which quickly went viral. In the short images posted on Instagram you can see a young street artist who, while the cars are stopped in front of the red light, performs for them with a microphone in his hand and a loud song to scrape together a few coins to get by with, confident that some kind motorist will offer him practical help...

At the end of the short video, however, we see the cars immediately go on their way once the traffic light turns green and the boy, distraught, who moves towards the sidewalk and meets his faithful friend, a wag tailed dog who, at the end of the video, he embraces fiercly. Also, this time, the boy was unable to earn any money ...

But the Colombian rapper who had captured these images and made them public managed to find this man, who was then the poster child for a surprising online charity campaign: viewers who were moved by seeing the video collected money to donate to his cause. ...


The street artist, very moved by the gesture of these generous people, thanked everyone through the rapper who reached out to him's Instagram channel, and urged all the people who wanted to help him concretely to give him a job instead of a donation.

A request which we hope will soon become a beautiful reality.

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