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A priest is photographed while reciting…
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A priest is photographed while reciting mass with a sick dog on his lap: he does not want to leave him alone

March 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When our four-legged friends get sick or are living out their last days of life, we feel as sad and desperate as if we are worried about a longtime friend. Unfortunately, it's never easy to say goodbye to someone, not even your dog. What you try to do in any case is still try to comfort the animal as much as possible, especially if it has now reached the end of its run. Although it may be difficult to reconcile some personal situations, such as work appointments, with a suffering animal, we always try to do what we can. These are precisely the reasons that prompted a priest, whose photo began to circulate on Twitter, to recite the mass with his sick dog on his lap.

The priest apologized to the faithful, but also told them that he could not leave a defenseless and sick creature like his little dog alone. "If I leave him alone he will get upset and cry" said the priest to apologize during the mass. Undoubtedly it was a gesture of great love towards his pet, but the photo still managed to generate many negative comments despite everything. The young woman who published the image on Twitter, in fact, was forced to delete it precisely because of the comments, both negative and positive, which began to accumulate.

Among the most critical there were those who commented: "Maybe he forgot that he was going to celebrate Holy Mass and he was not going to the park!". Apparently, the most ferocious critics considered the dog's presence an act of disrespect.


But what's wrong with offering a little comfort to a dying animal? The priest wasn't prevented from saying the mass or playing his role just because he had a little dog on his lap.

What do you think about it?


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