Child is forced to abandon his dog because his parents abuse the animal: "Please adopt him"

by Mark Bennett

April 12, 2022

Child is forced to abandon his dog because his parents abuse the animal: "Please adopt him"

Often, we are forced to make difficult decisions, which we would really prefer not to even consider making, but which are necessary if we want to do the right thing. It is not easy to give something up for the sake of others, but there are cases where you have no other choice. A child decided to "abandon" his dog on a park bench because he could no longer bear the cruel way the puppy was being treated by his parents. This was a truly extreme step to take, but one which the desperate child had to take to find a solution. Beside the dog he left a letter, which read: "Please adopt him!".

via Facebook / Mascotas Coyoacán

The fact that a child had come to such a drastic decision as to separate himself from his dog – in order not to see him suffer anymore - speaks volumes about the conditions in which the poor dog lived. The animal, abandoned on a bench in a park in Mexico City, was left with a handwritten letter from its owner next to it. The first lines read: "Hello, please help me, I'm Max. Please, I ask you to adopt this little dog and take care of him". An act of kindness by a child that, just by thinking about it, breaks one’s heart.

The letter continues in an upsetting tone: "It hurts a lot to leave my dog here, but I made this decision because my family is always mistreating / abusing him and it made me so sad to see him suffer in those appalling conditions ...". We cannot even imagine, at this point, how much the poor dog suffered.


The letter ends like this: "So, if you read this message and feel you want to open your heart, please adopt this dog and take care of it. If not, leave this note where you found it, so that others can read it and adopt him. Thank you. "

The dog was rescued by a Mexican animal rights organization, Mascotas Coyoacán, who took him to their shelter for a checkup. From then on, volunteers took care of him and relentlessly searched for a loving family who could adopt him. First of all, however, they changed the name of the 7-month-old puppy, renaming him Boston: he would no longer hear his old name, which was linked to any bad memories. Although there were many requests for adoption, the puppy remained in the shelter for two years, because apparently it was not easy to find a responsible and attentive owner, who would make him understand that the world is not necessarily a scary, cruel place.  

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The volunteers are confident that they will find the right family for Boston and reassure all who have applied to adopt him: "To all those interested in adopting Boston, we really appreciate the opportunity you want to give him and we are sure that many of you would give him a very happy home. Unfortunately, there is only one Boston and we will choose whoever has the most suitable home based on the personality of the puppy ".

What can we say? Good luck to this puppy, whose life started in a less than happy way!