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A teacher fills her trolley with school…
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A teacher fills her trolley with school supplies: a stranger offers to pay for everything for her

October 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Teaching is not an easy job. Even if at times it may seem quite the opposite, having to deal with many small children, to be educated, kept under control and even - why not - entertained for many hours at a time is really a task that requires courage, determination and willpower.

Especially at a critical time like the one the world is experiencing now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of teachers is vital. Many of them have had to work hard adapt their work to the anti-Covid safety regulations and, after months of distance learning, the return to school was not at all easy. Rachel Borsgard, a third-grade teacher from California, also knows something about this, however she has benefitted from an episode of altruism that, for the moment, has restored her full confidence in others.

Rachel is one of those teachers who always wonders if she is up to the job she does day after day. Fortunately, it is not uncommon for her to receive positive feedback from her pupils, endorsements that are completely welcome and motivating. In this field, however, commitment is never enough and this is why, with a view to the school reopening after the closure due to the pandemic, Borsgard went to the supermarket to stock up on useful materials for her class.

Her trolley was full, almost overflowing, and anyone who had seen the young teacher at that time could not help but praise her good will and dedication to her profession, which she views as a vocation. Among the other shoppers, a woman called Nicky certainly noticed it, and at the cashier, approached Rachel asking her if she was a teacher.

"You can tell, right?" the teacher replied. "I'll pay for you," the woman replied. Amazed and moved by these words, Rachel burst into tears, refusing the offer from the stranger. Nicky, however, insisted and paid for everything Rachel had put in the shopping cart. The two could not hug because of the need to keep socially distanct in these times of pandemic, but we are sure that Rachel would have wanted to do it wholeheartedly.

"See? Beautiful things still happen in this world!" commented the cashier to the teacher. Certainly, a person like Nicky has realized completely how important what teachers do is, and wanted to give a precious signal at such a difficult and uncertain time. "I'll think about her every day when I'm in class," Rachel said. Sometimes it's really good to benefit from such selfless acts of generosity, don't you think?


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