Elderly woman deletes her daughter-in-law…
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Elderly woman deletes her daughter-in-law from her son's wedding photo - she could not stand her

February 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It goes without saying how important a wedding day is for those who are getting married - not only for the happy couple but also for all those who, in some shape or form, surround their daily life: from the guests (close and distant relatives, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues) to those who will have to take care of the organization of the wonderful day. Everything must be, and will be perfect - unless there is someone who has unfinished business or a strong dislike towards one of the spouses.

The incredible story we want to tell you about today describes family conflict that explodes like a time bomb on the occasion of a wedding (and other events). On TikTok, a young woman told of her bizarre experience when printing an old wedding photograph, dating back to the wedding of her father and her mother. The young woman says that even before the decision to get married was made, her paternal grandmother hated her mother - an antipathy that never passed even when she became the woman's mother-in-law. And in the years to come, when the young woman who is telling this story grew up, she could not help but notice how much this hatred on the part of her paternal grandmother continued in the most bizarre and unexpected way.

The granddaughter of the elderly lady noticed that an old photograph of her father and mother's wedding had been radically modified using Photoshop. In the version of the photo framed by the grandmother, her mother, dressed as the bride, did not appear at all, while in the original,of course, she was present. On TikTok, the young woman said showing the two photographs for comparison: "This is the original photo of when my father and mother got married and this is the photo that my grandmother had edited to remove my mother. They are exactly the same photos - the only difference is that my mother is in this original one and my grandmother has removed her in this other, doctored one. "


It is not clear what the origin behind the elderly woman's hatred for her daughter-in-law is, yet this gesture of dramatically modifying an old photograph of one of her son's best days has been greeted with great indignation and disappointment by many users who have viewed and shared the girl's TikTok video. Why would one try to "erase" the existence of a person who has been part of one's family for years, and despite everything that may have happened?

This is an absurd and incredible story that shows us once again that roses and thorns do not always peacefully coexist within many families!


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