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This makeup artist manages to transform women's faces with eyeshadow and brush

When we fall in love with a person, in addition to having a mental attraction towards them, we first of all feel a physical attraction. Although beauty is not everything in life, even before approaching…

This man creates sand sculptures so detailed and realistic that they seem to come to life

Have you ever thought that art could be made with sand? The artist Andoni Bastarrika, originally from the Basque Country, seems to have amply demonstrated that he can create real works of art simply by…

At school, they scolded him because he never stops drawing but he is hired to decorate a wall in a restaurant

Behind an "unruly" child at school, there may often be a sociable, creative, active child. For this reason, we must never judge by appearances, because the truth could be quite different. This is the…

Drawing on stones is a new hobby that centers and relaxes you. Here is everything you need to get started right away!

There are different activities that can foster a state of calm and inner peace. There are those who prefer sports, some who enjoy reading, and others who love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and handicrafts.…

A boy with autism builds the biggest Titanic replica ever made with LEGOs

Legos are the most famous building bricks in the world, known to stimulate the creation and imagination of users and players of all ages. Everything, or rather almost anything, can be built with Legos.…

What do near-sighted people see without their glasses? This artist has painted ten paintings that give us the answer!

If you have vision problems, you know how different the world is without glasses. Blurry, indistinct but also very suggestive from a certain point of view. The South African artist Philip Barlow wanted…

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