At school, they scolded him because…
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At school, they scolded him because he never stops drawing but he is hired to decorate a wall in a restaurant

November 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Behind an "unruly" child at school, there may often be a sociable, creative, active child.

For this reason, we must never judge by appearances, because the truth could be quite different.

This is the case of Joe Whale, a 9-year-old boy, repeatedly scolded by his teachers because he drew sketches and images instead of following the lessons.

The fact is that Joe is not a distracted or undisciplined child nor does he have an attention disorder; he is just a very young artist with a passion for drawing.

Fortunately, to give vent to his desire to draw, he has been hired to decorate a wall in a restaurant.

via: Metro

The story of Joseph Whale, Joe for his friends, is an example of how a child who does not fit into the school educational program should not always be automatically punished.

Joe, for example, was continually scolded by teachers for the ease with which he was distracted during the lessons as he would instead, dedicate himself to filling sheets and sheets of paper with drawings.

Joe had been labeled an "unruly" student, but his parents knew that this was not the case! In fact, his mother and father had been very good at recognizing and understanding that their son had strong artistic skills from the earliest years of his life.

Consequently, Joe has started attending after-school art classes in the afternoon and since then his abilities have clearly improved.

His specialization is the so-called "Doodle Art" or "Doodling", that is to say, drawings with simple lines depicting real or invented elements.


His drawing teacher immediately noticed the boy's impressive creativity and had shared his drawings on Instagram.

And from there they were noticed by the owner of a restaurant in Shrewsbury, England, who contacted the boy to decorate a wall in his restaurant!

Joe immediately set to work and in 12 hours he had completely filled the wall with his beautiful "doodles".

Joe's dad, Greg, pointed out: "I would advise parents to encourage their children to follow their passions and dreams."

It was a long and demanding job, but for Joe, it was pure joy to give free rein to his imagination.


On the wall of the restaurant, he could draw whatever and how much he wanted, without feeling reproached for doing and doodling what he likes best to draw.

Many parents, when they learn that their child has received some negative assessments at school, tend to reproach their child even further, without understanding that, perhaps, it is not always just a question of being undisciplined and rude.

The fact is that every child has a talent and schools and parents should work together to identify and encourage it.

Many artists never had the freedom to unleash their creativity that has been given to Joe! In fact, he is a lucky child to have two such open-minded parents.


So, thanks to a simple post on Instagram, Joe got his first commission as an artist and all this, when he is just 9 years old! Kudos to you, Joe!

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