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A boy with autism builds the biggest…
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A boy with autism builds the biggest Titanic replica ever made with LEGOs

December 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Legos are the most famous building bricks in the world, known to stimulate the creation and imagination of users and players of all ages.

Everything, or rather almost anything, can be built with Legos. You just need enough of them, the right design, and a good deal of time and patience.

Ingredients that the young Brynjar Karl Bigissonh had when he decided to build the largest replica of the cruise ship Titanic in the world.

It was a "titanic" enterprise for a little autistic 10-year-old boy, a project by which he has not only achieved fame but also learned to manage the personal challenges of autism.

The largest replica in the world of the famous cruise ship Titanic, 26 feet long (8 meters), about 5 feet tall, (1.5 meters), and 4 feet wide (1.2 meters), was built by an 10-year-old boy from Reykjavik, Iceland, with 56,000 Lego bricks, after about 11 months of hard work.

The young boy, who is now 15 years old is called Brynjar Karl Bigisson and has become a sort of celebrity for building this gigantic replica.

His passion for these famous bricks, to tell the truth, has never been lacking. In fact, ever since he was five years old Brynjar has always built things with them, from Lego kits with instructions and self-produced projects until one day he decided to build a huge version of the Titanic.

Obviously, he received help and support from his entire family. In fact, his grandfather Ogmundsson, a professional engineer, designed the project and Brynjar's mother Bjarney Ludviksdottir also always supported and encouraged him during the entire 11 months.

In addition, donations from family and friends allowed him to buy all the Lego bricks he needed. For the moment the Titanic, however, is no longer in Iceland, because it has set sail for the USA where will be exhibited until the end of 2019 at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Thanks to this project, this young boy has learned to manage the many challenges of autism, Brynjar has in fact always had to face these challenges and his difficulty in communicating and relating to others.

At school, he was always marginalized and penalized in grades so much that he needed a special educational needs teacher. Since he has been able to fulfill his dream, Brynjar has improved at school, he no longer needs help to study, and he has managed to become integrated with his classmates!

Now, Brynjar is no longer afraid to be interviewed and to share his experience with thousands of young people who are facing the same problem that he has, which makes his mother and his family all the more proud of him! 

What do you think of this huge replica of the famous cruise ship Titanic?


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