These triplets were born two and a half months early and against all expectations, they survived and are strong and healthy -
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These triplets were born two and a half…
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These triplets were born two and a half months early and against all expectations, they survived and are strong and healthy

November 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When parents expect twins or triplets, they are immediately informed of the possibility of giving birth before the end of the pregnancy.

In most cases, triplets are born around the 38th week, because the space in the mother's belly gradually becomes smaller and smaller as it tries to accommodate all the babies.

When Becki-Jo discovered she was pregnant, she was very happy to give her first child, a daughter, some company but she never imagined that she was expecting not one, not two, but three babies -  a set of triplets!

Her pregnancy is special not only for the number of children but also due to their birth that was considered by the doctors to be too premature and her babies were considered too weak to survive.

Since, in her family, there was no history of any other cases of triplets, for this reason, Becki-Jo had asked repeatedly for the doctor who had given her the news to check and confirm that she was actually expecting three babies!

In any case, unfortunately, in the 31st week, some unexpected complications put the unborn babies in even more danger.

Consequently, the doctors were forced to make a very risky decision, which was for the mother to give birth to the babies prematurely hoping that the consolidated medical treatments for pre-mature babies would be enough to allow them to survive.

The triplets, in fact, were very small and it was obvious, that it was really too early for them to come into the world.


The statistics were clear: there was very little chance that Roman, Rocco, and Rohan - these are the names of the twins - could make it. But there was still some hope and the doctors clung to it.

Rocco was the smallest of the three, in fact, at birth, his weight was just 1.5 kg!

In the following days, the doctors continued to monitor the little ones: against all expectations, all three responded well to treatment. They were going to make it!

Six weeks later, the twins were considered healthy enough to be able to go home to the older sister who was anxiously waiting for them.

Of course, the parents were very happy that their three little babies were well, but they were equally terrified at the thought of having to manage three babies at the same time, without the help of the hospital staff.

The doctors told Becki-Jo that the twins were not homozygous (identical triplets), but she had serious doubts as she found their physical similarity to be incredible. 

Months later she decided to subject the triplets to a test that would reveal the nature of the triplets, whether they are homozygous or heterozygous.

Well, the test proved their mother to be right: Rocco, Rohan, and Roman are identical triplets and that made them even more miraculous. The possibility of giving birth to homozygotic triplets is one in 200 million!


Today the triplets twins are very healthy children, growing bigger and stronger every day. They are beautiful baby boys who after a few months have developed some differences in appearance but still remain very similar to each other.

Mama Becki-Jo is able to say without a doubt, that she has four wonderful children and a very special family, indeed! Moreover, after having gone through some dark days, now they deserve all the good things in this world!

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