The dog with a human face, in fact, its gaze is so intense that it resembles that of a human being -
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The dog with a human face, in fact,…
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The dog with a human face, in fact, its gaze is so intense that it resembles that of a human being


A dog that conquers the Internet with its beautiful photos is no longer, perhaps, anything all that special.

But a dog with a face that resembles the face of a human being has good reason to be of great interest!

This very odd and unique little male dog named Nori is an Aussiedoodle, aka Aussiepooa mix between a poodle and a Toy Australian Shepard dog.

And, the little dog has literally has driven the Internet crazy because of its very intense gaze and its face that has an incredible resemblance to a human face.

It is no coincidence that millions of users have renamed it "the dog with a human face"!

Nori lives in Seattle, Washington, along with his owners Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo, who admit to living with a truly unique little dog, since, often, when they walk in the street, strangers stop to comment on the curious "face" of their little dog.

More than one person has stopped them on the street, remarking how Nori resembled a human being, a real person. "When he was a puppy, his fur was much darker and he was often compared to Chewbacca or Ewok, those are Star Wars characters.  It is his eyes that create and give the impression of a human face with a human gaze."

After Kevin published a picture of Nori online, everyone seems to have gone quite mad for his little dog! Now he has his own Instagram page, expertly administered by his "mom", Tiffany.

And it is precisely on Instagram that most of the comments regarding his "human" appearance have been posted and shared. Nori is an incredibly sweet and friendly dog, very energetic, and playful.

He loves all the people and dogs he meets, and he simply wants to be friends with everyone.


Nori is not the couple's only dog. In fact, the two also have a Shih-Tzu crossed with a Yorkshire, named Shorkie. He is also the protagonist together with Nori of a thousand photographic adventures on Instagram.

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