He takes the dog to be groomed and when…
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He takes the dog to be groomed and when he collects it he can't recognize his dog: the situation worsens

March 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were able to experience, among many things, what it means to remain without a hairdresser or beautician for several months. A problem that probably caught more women than men off guard, although most desisted from undertaking disastrous "do-it-yourself" cuts. Like humans, our four-legged friends also need constant care, which is why most owners often turn to shops that offer dog grooming services. However, a Twitter user has highlighted a problem: even dogs, when they receive a completely bizarre or over the top style, are ridiculous. The owner in question even "threatened" the groomer when the dog was returned to him.

He had taken his sweet dog to the groomer, thinking it was time to fix that long hair a bit, but when they returned it to him, the man struggled to recognize her. We know that when a dog gets a bad "haircut", he can go from being the most beautiful and proudest dog in the world to an absolutely ridiculous pet in an instant. And that's a bit like what happened to this man's dog: after the restyling, the dog was unrecognizable! Some web users even compared her to Sid, the bungling sloth from the animated film "Ice Age". The absence of hair has made the dog's face extremely cute, but the owner must not have found that new look so funny that, by now, both he and his dog were going to be stuck with for some months to come. 

"Dude, are you sure that's your dog?" writes a user in response to the photos the man posted on Twitter. "It looks like my grandmother's dog," says another. In short, laughing at the expression on this poor dog's face seems inevitable. In addition to the many comments of mockery and accusations towards the groomer, however, there are also those who try to highlight another important aspect: very often, the owners of poodles or long-haired dogs don't take enough care in brushing them correctly, forcing the groomer to make a drastic cut in order to recover from the situation.

image: Pinterest

We don't know where the truth is in this case, but the advice we can give is always to entrust yourself to a recommended professional and not to amateur groomers, which unfortunately the world is full of. You don't want to risk finding your dog looking like this, do you?

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