"Beware of the dog. Enter at your own…
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"Beware of the dog. Enter at your own risk": 15 dogs that wouldn't actually hurt a fly

May 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There is no doubt that a dog is "man's best friend": many recent and past stories remind us how affectionate and loyal these furry little beings are towards us. This explains why they are one of the most popular pets. There are those who prefer to keep their dog in the garden and those who don't have any problem looking after it in their apartment, ensuring it goes for more than one stroll a day. Often, those who have a dog hang up, almost for fun, the famous "beware of the dog" sign, usually reserved for those rather menacing looking guard dogs. Leaving aside the dogs that, indeed, are excellent as guard dogs, there are many others who "claim" to be on guard even if they are not able to protect anything. In this roundup of photos, we want you to have a laugh with these beautiful dogs: would you entrust the guardianship of your home to one of them? Maybe not, but they certainly look cuddly!

1. "Enter at your own risk". What risk?

Well, guys, when you enter and are overwhelmed by the sweetness and furry friendliness, don't say they didn't warn you!

2. Two very dangerous guard dogs ...

Small, but very lively: never underestimate a Pomeranian!


3. Beware of ... oh, beware that the puppy doesn't run away!

4. He's certainly not joking...

5. This Golden Retriever is just trying to do his duty...

That is: he's just trying to be adorable! You're not going to expect him to chase away potential thieves with her licking, are you?


6. Be careful this dog might melt your heart ...

image: Imgur

7. Who would you scare with that face?


8. Beware of this dog's deadly attack ... please!

image: Reddit

9. They need to change the sign...

image: Imgur

Maybe if they changed the sign to "Be prepared to beware of the dog. In the future", it would be more believable!


10. An image that does not reflect reality in the least

Thankfully, the big dog in the picture just doesn't seem to have the strength or the will to bark and growl at anyone.

11. "Beware of Joey" ...with that sad expression?

image: Imgur

12. Just making you aware of the danger...

13. He still inspires "terror", despite his age ...

image: Imgur

14. He can't even be bothered pretending ...

The sign reads "Beware of the dog", but actually people can't wait to go into the garden to cuddle him!

15. Beware of the dog ... but also the cat can be "bad" we assure you ...

16. Never underestimate a dog...

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