15 dogs that could melt even the toughest…
A 9-year-old girl is left out by her peers:

15 dogs that could melt even the toughest hearts with their sweetness

September 08, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Anyone who has a four-legged friend in the house knows perfectly well that he has found a priceless treasure; not only can a dog prove to be a faithful and lasting friend, but it can also become the best medicine for our bad days, for all our sadness. Their gaze, their tender eyes, their attitude which is often so caring towards their owners, young and old, makes us love them even more. This gallery of images from the internet certainly gives us overwhelming proof!

I was at the bus stop when this dog came up to me and put a paw on my arm as a sign of solidarity!

They had been separated for two years ... how sweet!


Time passes, but a dog's love is forever!

The second puppy I adopted from the street ... isn't he sweet?

image: Rnewo/Reddit

We knew he needed a friend, so we gave him ... a husky!


This is love!

There is nothing more tender than a warm hug from your dog!


If I face the wall, he won't see me!

Look how my cute little doggy sleeps ...


Hi everyone!

image: Zohaib/Reddit

A well deserved and sweet moment of relaxation!

It's not carnival without our faithful dog!

It's impossible to resist this look, don't you think?

image: sejal/Reddit

I found him on the way home: meet Dobby!

image: QtipJC/Reddit

This dog stands in front of my door every day and howls until I pay him some attention: he is not my dog!

What would the world be without our faithful four-legged friends! 

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