"Family wanted": 5 siblings ask to be…
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"Family wanted": 5 siblings ask to be adopted together by a loving family

September 08, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The oldest is 11, the youngest is 2; all five are desperately looking for a family to adopt them, as long as they can stay together under the same roof. This is the special request of 5 brothers from Kansas City, who decided to team up and write a letter that would finally convince a family to adopt them and to publish it in the Kansas City Star. The answers, thousands from all over the country, were not long in coming.

The article in the Kansas City Star first introduces the 5 little siblings: Bradley (11 years old), Preston (10 years old), Layla (8 years old), Landon (6 years old) and Olive (2 years old) and then describes them one by one:

Bradley, the music lover, is 11 years old. He's a bit shy and calm, but those who know him say he's respectful, sweet, and kind. He is confident in his math and science skills and loves a good game of football or basketball.

Preston, 10, is an animal lover and outdoor enthusiast. He loves to fish and explore whenever the weather permits. He collects Pokemon and likes to play swingball in the back yard.

Layla, 8, loves hip-hop dancing, is kind and caring, and has plans to save sick or injured animals when she grows up. She works hard in school and makes friends easily. She loves sports like baseball and volleyball.

Landon, 6, wants to teach physical education when he grows up. He loves to compete with his brothers and collect Pokémon cards. He considers himself a fast runner and a hard worker. He also loves the outdoors and adventure.

Last, but not least, there is 2-year-old Olive. She is a champion at doing all the things 2-year-olds do. When she is in a calm mood, she loves being cuddled and hugged. "

The announcement in the Kansas City Star then continues on about how much these little siblings love to attend church, play soccer, collect and hunt Pokemon and hip-hop dance; but the thing they love most is definitely being all together and living under the same roof as a loving family.

Since the announcement was published in the local newspaper, they've had more than 1,500 responses from families interested in adoption. We are sure that the 5 siblings will not be long in seeing their dreams come true!


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