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2 parrots having a nice chat: the tones…
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2 parrots having a nice chat: the tones and expression are incredibly "human"

September 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Just when we think we have seen or heard almost everything, be sure that, thanks to the internet and the ability to get to know a good part of the world instantly with just a click, something new comes along to make surprise us once more.

Strange phenomena, news, funny videos, curiosities: the web is full of all sorts of things, and it is also thanks to the internet that we can get to know the most incredible aspects of nature and the animals that populate it. Beautiful creatures just like the two parrots we are about to show you: a really close-knit pair of birds that have been shot in a video in which they seem to have a lovely conversation, with tones, gestures and expressions which are practically ... human!

Sometimes it is said that some animals, with their behaviors being quite similar to ours, lack only the ability to speak. Nothing could be more true when we observe these cute parrots who, as if nothing had happened, have begun to "converse" together. Of course, they don't say anything understandable, but listen to them carefully: don't their tones, their pauses, their gestures remind you of a funny question and answer between two human beings?

The conversation they have is really hilarious: the two look at each other, "talk" know how to wait for their turn and even seem to give each other tender kisses. It is no coincidence that the video that shows them giving this performance quickly made the rounds of the internet, collecting thousands and thousands of views, reactions and comments. What do you think of this little chat between birds?

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