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A woman asks for a divorce because her…
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A woman asks for a divorce because her husband won't argue with her: "he loves me too much, I feel suffocated"

September 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

It is often said that arguing and having healthy and constructive disagreements in a couple helps make the relationship happier, more stable and longer lasting. In fact, it is always good to keep a bit of "spice" in everyday life, perhaps pointing out to your partner what is wrong and trying to smooth out the differences together.

The protagonist of the story we are about to tell you, however, has taken this idea so far that she has come to consider it a real problem, to the point that she has questioned the relationship with her husband for ... a lack of quarrels! If it seems strange to you, be reassured that it really happened and that this somewhat "combative" wife has gone to court asking for a divorce.

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Helpful, loving, full of attention, always available to satisfy her requests and desires and to accommode them: this is how an Indian woman described her spouse who, according to her statement, in 18 months of marriage, had never let himself have an argument with her .

If for some women having a husband like this is an impossible dream, for this woman, the man's way of doing it was simply intolerable. Too much love and too much harmony tired her out, and so she decided to turn to the Sharia court in Sambhal, intending to separate from the man.

Faced with such a request, officials were baffled to say the least. For sure, a situation like this had never come before them, and everything was made even more unusual by the details that the woman recounted. "I wanted to argue with him", she asserted, "he never shouted at me or disappointed me: I feel suffocated in such an environment".

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These are truly unique reasons for asking for a divorce, considering that the reasons for breaking up, for many couples, usually involve too many conflicts and situations in which husband and wife agree on practically nothing. It goes without saying, then, that the officials rejected the woman's request, considering it rather "frivolous" and without concrete grounds.

The man, for his part, probably just wanted to be a good husband, and no doubt he acted with the best of intentions, making himself available, understanding and magnanimous. In the end, it is difficult to criticize him for this, but it is certain that, in a stable relationship, neither of the two parties must always go along with the other, because they risk losing their identity. Perhaps this is precisely what did not sit well for the Indian woman, and all that remains is to wish ... some more arguments for her and her husband!

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