A couple who have been married for 30 years reveal to everyone that they are gay and that they had only got married "to make their families happy"

Alison Forde

November 08, 2021

A couple who have been married for 30 years reveal to everyone that they are gay and that they had only got married

How hard it is not to be able to live one's life with freedom, serenity, always trying to be ourselves and never betraying our true inner self; many people live their lives putting on a front, always pleasing others and never themselves. A bit like Brad and Cindy Marler have done for about 30 years, an American couple who came out to their families after a very long time, revealing to their loved ones the truth that they didn't want to hear ...

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Brad and Cindy Marler married more than thirty years ago and have always lived their married life in the small towns of Smithson and Freeburg in Illinois. Both were born into rather religious and conservative families, and the two never had the opportunity, or the courage, to reveal to relatives and friends that they are gay, and so they chose, for too long, the path of the traditional family, of straight marriage and to start a family unit with their own children; during their "fake" marriage Cindy and Brad gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl.

Now that they are both in their fifties, however, they decided that the time had come to come out and to be able to live their lives with freedom, serenity, dignity; after 32 years of marriage spent hiding and playing the game of the "perfect American family", Cindy and Brad have thrown away the mask, taking a big risk but at the same time deciding to take back the reins of their lives.

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And so, after more than three decades together, a family and two dependent children (who they continue to love unconditionally), Brad and Cindy have finally taken the plunge, after decades of forced repression of their true sexual orientation, their desires, putting aside their true identities. They lived together until March 2021 when, after retiring and selling their family home, they moved into separate apartments in the city of Chicago to explore life as a part of the LGBTQ community for the first time. 

And although the two are slowly exploring this new world they have no plans to divorce soon; they see each other almost every day and have remained excellent friends. Their eldest daughter is enrolled in university and every day she calls her mother and father to find out how they are, while Cindy and Brad become more and more comfortable with what they have hidden from others and themselves for too long.

It is never too late to "come out", trust us!