They change the locks on the roommate…
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They change the locks on the roommate who hasn't paid her rent for three months: an exemplary eviction

December 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's never easy to make the decision to leave home for study or work reasons and move to another region or a different country, far from your home and the comforting presence of one's parents. Often it's the youngest who do it, motivated by the desire to complete a course of study or a career that can open the gates to a stable and radiant future. When one moves for these reasons, one often ends up living in a shared apartment with other young people in a similar situation; however, many of these roommates are not exactly commendable ...

The story we want to tell you today is incredible and has two girls as two protagonists, roommates in the same apartment; in addition to these two girls, the house is also inhabited by a third tenant who, however, had disappeared in the last three months and she was not paying her rent at all. After three, long months in which her roommates also paid her share so as not to be evicted, they decided to put in place a really "diabolical" plan to make sure that their missing flatmate could not enter the apartment with ease. 

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, the two girls first of all called a moving company to help them remove all the furniture and personal effects of the girl who "disappeared" from her room; everything she owned was promptly thrown into black trash bags, while her bedroom door was "sealed" with a padlock; so she would never again have the opportunity to go into the room and do whatever she wanted, despite the fact that it had been three months since she had paid her share of her rent.

The two girls behind the so-called "wrongdoing" have published everything on TikTok, going around the web and commenting on everything with a degree of vengance: "Here are some ideas to have a fantastic evening: throw your roommate out of the house and send her things back to her parents because she hasn't paid the rent for 3 months!"



Obviously, the behavior of the two girls sparked the debate on the web, between viewers who decidedly took the side of the two girls, exhausted by the careless behavior of the third tenant, and those who instead lashed out against their decision to carry out a "do-it-yourself" eviction. For many in fact, what the two girls have implemented is an illegal eviction punishable by American law.

And you, what do you think of the situation? Were the two girls right to evict theor roommate from her home in this way or should they have thought this out better before taking action?



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