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A very special welcome .... every day!

You come home after work and find the love of your life smiling at you, your child kisses and embraces you, and your dog greets you with wild joy and happiness ... Or you could have Onni, a beautiful…

A cockatoo displays an unexpected level of intelligence!

Researchers in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Vienna and Oxford have organized an experiment designed to evaluate the intelligence of cockatoo birds.  To do this, they observed a cockatoo…

This cockatoo is obviously very upset!

We all know that parrots are able to imitate many sounds including the human voice but this specimen of cockatoo seems to do more than imitate someone else's voice; it seems more determined to have its…

He goes in the bathroom --- what his Macaw parrots are doing is hilarious!

Connie is a beautiful macaw parrot who lives in her owner's house together with two other Macaw parrots. On hot summer days, Connie likes to cool off by taking a refreshing shower and she does not like…

A funny talking parrot --- listen to what he says to his cat friends!

Children are taught that animals make different sounds to communicate with each other, but if they saw this video, they might be confused and not understand why a parrot meows and sounds like a real cat!…

He tells his parrot to go back inside his cage --- see what he replies!

During a fight it is difficult at times to remain calm and the more you become agitated the angrier you get! This parrot is nothing short of furious with his owner who for some unknown reason asked his…

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