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A man saves a dog abandoned during a…
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A man saves a dog abandoned during a disastrous flood and a special friendship was born

November 18, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We know that the United States is a country that has often been hit by serious natural environmental disasters.

These natural disasters are the consequence of violent natural events, determined by particular phenomena (volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, etc.).

South Carolina, for example, in August 2019 was the victim of a series of torrential rains that left no respite to the inhabitants of the east coast of the state, who were forced to evacuate from their homes.

It was in such a dramatic situation that Alex Scroggins, one of the rescuers who tried to help several people trapped, noticed an adult male dog on the threshold of a nearby house.

The neighbors informed Alex that the poor dog had been abandoned by its owner who had left the house in a hurry, due to the flood.

Alex was there to save as many people as he could who were in trouble and to also recuperate some valuable items that neither he nor his mother had managed to take with them in the general agitation.

At the sight of that helpless creature, Alex stopped everything he was doing and approached the frightened dog. Then, he saw that the house was completely flooded and the poor thing was all alone. He felt that he could not just leave it there.

The option to take him to an animal shelter had to be excluded, as those in the city were already all very crowded and therefore, probably, they would have suppressed him.

Alex decided, therefore, to take the dog with him and to rename him "Lucky", precisely because of the situation in which the dog had been found.

The original owner, moreover, has never come forward to claim the dog and this was one more reason for Alex to adopt Lucky, definitively.


Now, Lucky almost never leaves Alex, his new friend and owner, and shows him affection and gratitude every day for being his savior.

A beautiful story that shows us how saving a dog is one of the most beautiful gestures a human being can make and in return, he or she will receive eternal love and loyalty.

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