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14 acts of vandalism in public toilets…
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14 acts of vandalism in public toilets that you cannot help but find funny!


Those with a strong sense of creativity see the possibility of retouching or modifying the environment around them even in the most unthinkable situations.

The incredible thing is that there are people who succeed so well that the fact that their actions could be considered to be real vandalism is almost totally disregarded!

You do not believe it? Well, just try to get angry after you have seen what some people have created in public bathrooms!

100% guaranteed privacy!

Turning a faucet on has never been so scary!


This bath elephant will hold your coat for you.

Why is my face like this?

The power of imagination ...


T-1000 is always on the hunt for John Connor!

"It is not me! It was him!"


When an image leaves you perplexed ...

A round of applause for the jellyfish!


This bathroom is protected by a ninja!

"I'm losing an eye!"

This is Sparta!

"Come at me, Bro!"

In this bathroom, there are those who cook!

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May 04, 2014

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