20 concrete proofs that having neighbors…
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20 concrete proofs that having neighbors can be fun!

December 16, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Tell us a little about where you live. What kind of neighbors do you have? Friendly and always ready to help in the spirit of being a community? 

Reserved and not inclined to even the simplest verbal exchanges? Or, as in the case of these photos, with a strong sense of humor?

If the question leads you to the third option, then here in this photo gallery, you will certainly find something to laugh at and maybe even some ideas to play a joke on your loved-hated neighbor.

Or tell them something that you have been trying to find the right way to say, for what seems like ages!

He knocks at the door, asks me for a banana, and then leaves.

image: Theone211

The tenants of these two apartments must have a lot in common.

image: Ecclessis

When the neighbor brings you their leftover food for your dog and they label it "child support".

image: chasingadalia

"A group of neighbors would like to tell you that the "one way" frosty glass in your bathroom is facing the wrong way." Translation --- Everyone can see everything from the outside!

image: ekoorb12

Laugh at the neighbor who forgot and left their water sprinklers on during the night and have created the garden of Narnia!

image: avtec

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and my neighbor is talking to watermelons.

image: PotatoWifi

The town's fire and police departments are very close. Just imagine how many jokes they are capable of playing on each other?!

image: EnemyInMe

The turbine on my neighbor's chimney had always made irritating noises. One day, suddenly, we stopped hearing the noises...

image: makenzie71

"Please do not drop your cigarette butts on the ground. The cat crawls out at night to smoke them and we are trying to get him to quit."

image: louisxxx

"Looking at what is happening on the other side of my neighbor's fence is always fun, for me!"

image: katyourmom

Exchanges between neighbors that are not seen every day:

image: PoopThoughts

Neighbor's request: "Please do something about the dandelions in your lawn, please!"

Neighbor's reply: "Free dandelions, take as many as you like!"

This pair of neighbors has the habit of taking their parrots out for a walk.

image: hamdangled

My neighbor keeps cats away from their garden plants ... like this!

image: woundedstork

My neighbor never ceases to amaze me, with his outlandish ideas!

image: Ophthalnurse

I had heard that they were going to shoot a movie at my neighbor's house. Only now I do I understand that TYPE of movie!

image: Revircs

When you repair the broken lid of your garbage bin with black tape and your neighbor does the same --- thinking it is the apartment number!

Two signs that can be seen posted in university dorms.

image: K011in

"To whomever, the idiot is who keeps smoking pot / storing it in the vents ... PLEASE STOP / TAKE IT OUT!  I really don't appreciate it when my room smells like your bad decisions. THANKS."  :) 

"You seem stressed."  :)

When neighbors communicate via the username on the Wi-Fi connection without revealing their real identity ...

image: wahday

"We Can See You Showering." 

"We Like It When You Watch."

When you have finished your toilet paper and a neighbor immediately sends you help!

image: Imgur

Who would not want to be on good terms with such a well-organized neighbor?

image: Imgur
image: Imgur
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