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This island is so small that it can only accommodate a house and a single tree

If the tourists and visitors who flock to the great metropolis of New York every year know by heart the beauties and curiosities that make the island of Manhattan famous, we are sure that not many know…

The behaviors of some tourists in a foreign land are real acts of rudeness and vandalism

When we go on long trips to countries and places different from ours, it is always a good idea to first find out about the uses and customs of that place to avoid making a fool of ourselves.  Or even…

This artist has created sculptures hidden in the woods to make visitors appreciate the concept of upcycling!

Thomas Dambo is not just any artist and his gigantic works hidden in the dense forests of Denmark prove it. The Danish artist revives in the form of giant figures, the famous trolls that populate the…

This woman is 87 years old and paints the houses in her hometown to make the world a better place

When there is passion, everything else takes second place and not even age is an impediment, especially when the desire to succeed in something is very strong.  Anežka Kašpárková, who is 87 years…
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14 of the world's most curious and beautiful movie theaters!

In an era in which TV has returned to the fore thanks to the planetary success of TV series designed and produced for the small screen, going to the cinema may no longer be such a tempting idea. However,…

11 secret places hidden in famous buildings that we all know

It is not rare that artists (of all kinds, painters, architects, sculptors, singers, musicians ...) decide to hide a secret within their works of art! Perhaps, this is because the artist still wants to…

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