14 of the world's most curious and beautiful…
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14 of the world's most curious and beautiful movie theaters!

March 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In an era in which TV has returned to the fore thanks to the planetary success of TV series designed and produced for the small screen, going to the cinema may no longer be such a tempting idea.

However, if there is a beautiful theater, or a maxi-screen placed in a particular location, to welcome the spectator, then the whole experience changes and becomes unforgettable.

Film lovers, intended as those who go out not only to watch a movie but also to eat, enjoy the design of the surrounding environment and indulge in a little bit of luxury will surely appreciate the peculiarity of these movie theaters!

The Olympia Bruno Coquatrix music hall in Paris, which is normally used for concerts, is instead here being used as a movie theater.

image: Instagram

Sci-Fi cinema-restaurant inside Walt Disney World.


National Film Theatre in Budapest

These lucky spectators were able to watch the film "Life of Pi" in small row boats in a swimming pool in the Pailleron sports complex in Paris, France.


Electric Cinema Notting Hill --- a movie theater in London, England.


Hot Tub Cinema in London --- outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. Movie lovers can watch classic films while soaking comfortably!

One of the movie theaters in the Blitz Megaplex in Bali, Indonesia.


One of the colorful movie theaters in the Resorts World in Manila.

Here we are in Brussels, at the UGC De Brouckère movie theater.

image: UGC Belgique

Museum Lichtspiele a movie theater in Munich, Germany.

A maxi-screen set up for the event "Film nights on the banks of the Elbe" in Dresden (Germany).

And finally, a lovely night at the movies immersed in the natural landscape of Colorado for the event "Film on the Rocks" in the city of Denver, Colorado.

image: axs.com
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