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The 11 quotes by Robin Williams that will change the way you see life ...

Robin Williams, who died in 2014, was one of the most talented actors that the world of cinema can recall. He was able to interpret comic and dramatic roles indifferently and with extraordinary results,…

14 of the world's most curious and beautiful movie theaters!

In an era in which TV has returned to the fore thanks to the planetary success of TV series designed and produced for the small screen, going to the cinema may no longer be such a tempting idea. However,…

Here is how the actors in the “Harry Potter” films appear many years later

The adventures of the young wizard Harry Potter and his companions have stirred the imagination of many generations. In particular, the worldwide success of the "Harry Potter" films has impressed in the…

18 images that reveal some behind-the-scenes curiosities regarding several famous films!

What did our favorite actors do during the breaks between one scene and another, while they were on the set of films that have made them famous? Although we are inclined to imagine that they remained…

16 crazy movie errors you probably did not know about

You are watching your favorite historical film set in Ancient Rome, but at a certain point, you realize that the sky is crossed by a very modern airplane. Bewildered, you double check the title of the…

10 photos of actors that you will not be able to recognize with their character makeup!

The skill that matters most in an actor's career is certainly that of knowing how to fall perfectly into the character he has to interpret. However, even if they have such a prodigious talent, the actors…

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