10 photos of actors that you will not…
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10 photos of actors that you will not be able to recognize with their character makeup!

December 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The skill that matters most in an actor's career is certainly that of knowing how to fall perfectly into the character he has to interpret.

However, even if they have such a prodigious talent, the actors sometimes have to impersonate characters for which the use of make-up or even prostheses is essential.

This type of artifice can literally turn an actor into something or someone else (monsters, robots, historical figures, etc.). Here are some natural faces of actors as compared to the faces of the characters they have played.

1. Ralph Fiennes alias Lord Voldemort ("Harry Potter")

2. Meryl Streep alias Rabbi ("Angels in America")


3. Robin Williams alias Mrs. Doubtfire (film "Mrs. Doubtfire")

4. Heath Ledger aka Joker ("The Dark Knight")

5. Richard Brake aka The King of the Night ("The Throne of Swords")

6. Charlize Theron alias Aileen ("Monster")

7. John Travolta alias Edna Turnblad ("Hairspray")

8. Cate Blanchett aka Bob Dylan ("I'm not here")

9. Jim Carrey aka The Grinch ("The Grinch")

10. Eddie Murphy aka Prince Akeem (film "Coming to America")

image: David Shankbone (CC BY 2.0)/Paramount Pictures

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