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A farmer discovers an underground cave…
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A farmer discovers an underground cave with its walls covered with seashell mosaics of uncertain origin

November 24, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That there are many caves buried under tons of soil or sand should not and does not greatly surprise us!

However, if we add to the fact that suddenly a mysterious cave is discovered that has its walls entirely covered with beautiful seashell mosaics, then this naturally incites us to want to know more ...

An English farmer in the early 1800's discovered that a few steps away from his home there was an incredible phenomenon that had been created thanks to a close collaboration between man and nature!

Namely, a cave whose walls, as well as ceiling and floor, were covered with one and only one component, seashell mosaics!

In 1835 in Kent, England, more specifically in Margate, a seaside town, a peasant was working in his fields as usual ...

While making a hole in the ground to be used for planting, he found himself looking at a kind of opening or portal to a place that had remained hidden for a long, long time!


The farmer immediately called for help and a villager's son was lowered into the opening (after taking due precautions!).

The young boy was amazed to see a wonderful world of mosaics that was hiding in what appeared to be an immense cave!

And despite the initial skepticism of those present, a wider opening was made to allow everyone to come down and see ...


The display that the inhabitants of Margate saw was sensational! Several large rooms with walls covered with stunning seashell mosaics!

But who created what can now be defined as a true work of art?


Unfortunately, the cave site offers very few clues to decrypt the date of construction or the identity of the artists.

Nevertheless, scholars have not given up and after researching, some claim it goes back to more than 3,000 years ago ...


... others believe that its construction started around the eighteenth century.

Most likely this was a place of worship, and among the possible creators, there are such individuals as the Knights Templar, the Phoenicians, the Romans, and the members of Freemasonry!

However, many are waiting for when the cave becomes the property of the state in order to be able to reveal the mysteries that lie behind its construction.


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