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Fairytale Christmas trees: 20 ideas, each more beautiful than the next, for decorating with taste and imagination

Christmas has taken on many meanings in the modern era and each of us now experiences it in a different way. We agree, however, in saying that all over the world there are many families who share the…

Boaters spot a rare pink dolphin and the extraordinary images of this lovely creature go viral!

Our seas and oceans never cease to amaze us for the variety and beauty of the creatures that populate them. There are still species to be discovered, some of them legends, others very popular but difficult…

In view of her marriage, this woman undergoes a drastic change in her appearance

If someone asked us to indicate the most complicated jobs, we certainly would not think of hairdressers. Yet those who work in this field are faced with real challenges. The reason is that often there…

This performance of Japanese synchronized walking is so perfect that you will remain mesmerized

That of the synchronized walking is a discipline that perhaps outside of Asian countries is not well known, but that manages to create such a spectacular show that it can be appreciated even by untrained…

A rare white peacock is preparing to open its tail and the show it puts on is nothing short of wonderful

As a symbol of elegance and splendor, the peacock has captivated people of all ages, who have been enraptured by its vibrant colors and its haughty gait. The males of this species possess a peculiar tail,…

10 spectacular photos without even an ounce of photo editing!

With all the means available today, with which you can edit a photo, it is easy to think that no spectacular shots can actually be "spontaneous". The truth, however, is that in the world there are still…

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