17 photos that hide a very curious detail…
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17 photos that hide a very curious detail ...

June 19, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Aristotle said that it is the wonders of life that push humankind towards philosophy. But in today's world, it is increasingly rare that something amazes us.

This is because we are so bombarded with images and information that we often walk around with the happy smile of someone who has already seen everything and nothing can impress them.

We are here to shake you up a little! We have collected 18 photos that you will find to be amazing. These captured images are small exaggerations of certain aspects of our society or great natural wonders.

In any case, they certainly will not leave you indifferent!

 1. A colossal angel formed by the reactors of an American fighter jet

image: imgur

2. The Bangkok market at night


3. A twentieth-century bridge built on top of a seventeenth-century bridge which in turn was built on a twelfth-century bridge!

4. This dog broke a lower tooth and the upper tooth has grown longer to compensate (with a curious bone shape).

5. This shoe store offers their customers the chance to try out shoes on different types of terrain (including a notorious expanse of Lego blocks).


6. The leg of a guy who knelt for 15 minutes on a white rock

7. A "small" diamond mine in Russia


8. An incredible closeup shot of the mouth of a starfish

image: imgur

9. A taxi driver has modified the surface of the armrest in his car with his elbow ...


10. A single seedling grown in the middle of a section of a trunk

11. In Philadelphia the streets are paved in wood

12. A frog with one eye, but still perfectly capable of living and adapting

13. The pizza shovel and the cutting board are the same things seen from different perspectives.

14. A hi-tech snake that refracts the light with the colors of the rainbow

15. A table booked for two. At a fast food restaurant.

16. A former hockey field has become a supermarket but has kept the hockey floor markings!

17. The demolition of a bank safe


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