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10 people in the flesh to whom nature…
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10 people in the flesh to whom nature has given superpowers


Although the superheroes as they are presented in science fiction movies are far from being a reality, there are people in flesh and blood who show such amazing abilities that they are very close to being defined as possessing superpowers.

Strength, speed or resistance are characteristics of every human being, and it can happen that someone is particularly gifted.

Below we have collected a list of 10 people who have distinguished themselves because they are capable of "superhuman" feats.

Some stories, it must be admitted, have less founded roots and at which someone will probably look down their nose, but others are documented and confirmed, so much so that they have earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Let's start our journey to discover these superheroes in real life.

1. The Rubberboy

Daniel Browning Smith, known as The Rubberboy, is a contortionist, stuntman, actor, and American comedian. Smith holds the title of the most flexible person in the world (a total of 7 Guinness World Records). His ability comes from flexibility to the hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - hEDS, a genetic condition that makes the ligaments flexible.

2. Ben Underwood aka "Batboy"

Ben Underwood was diagnosed with retinal cancer at an early age and completely lost his sight when he was three years old. Already, by the age of five, however, he had developed an echolocation system that was the first to have ever been documented in a human being. By effectuating clicks with his tongue, he was able to perceive the distance of objects, a bit like how bats orient themselves in caves. He was the object of enormous attention from doctors and the media, but unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 16 (2009) due to same illness that had taken away his sight.


3. Michel Lotito (Monsieur Mangetout aka "Mr. Eats All")

Michel Lotito was a French entertainer (1950-2007). His peculiarity was the ability to ingest objects made of metal, rubber, glass, etc. He became particularly famous for the ingestion of large objects, such as bicycles, shopping carts, televisions and a whole airplane, which he "ate" over a period of two years (1978-1980).

4. "Magnet Man"

Liew Thow Lin is known as the Magnet Man because of his ability to make even very heavy metal objects attach magnetically to his skin. He has participated in many events to exhibit his superpower, which however had nothing to do with magnetism. According to the University of Technology of Malaysia, his secret lies in his skin and its ability to become electrostatically charged.

5. "The Lion Whisperer"

Kevin Rene Richardson, known as "The Lion Whisperer", is an animal behaviorist and park operator who has worked extensively with wild animals. As can be easily ascertained through an image search, he is particularly famous for the tranquility with which he cuddles lions, tigers, and hyenas.


6. The monk who walks on water

In 2015, the Shaolin monk Shi Liliang ran for 137 yards (125 meters) on the surface of the water. Obviously, it is not about running barefoot in the water, but jumping very fast on floating boards and avoiding sinking. In any case, this a feat in which no one else has ever succeeded!

7. "The Iceman"

Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete known for his ability to withstand very low temperatures. This ability comes from his method of breathing, which originates from Tibetan meditation (without the religious component). He has also created his own school in which he teaches his technique called "The Wim Hof Method".


8. The Man Who Never Sleeps

Born in 1942, Vietnamese Thái Ngọc is known to the Eastern media as the man who has not slept for 47 years. Apparently, in 1972, after a violent fever, he developed a severe case of chronic insomnia, which has somehow given him the ability to go without sleep for decades, despite being physically and mentally active.


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