In view of her marriage, this woman…
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In view of her marriage, this woman undergoes a drastic change in her appearance

March 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If someone asked us to indicate the most complicated jobs, we certainly would not think of hairdressers.

Yet those who work in this field are faced with real challenges. The reason is that often there are people with specific needs, who require a radical change.

The situation just described happened when a woman named Holly entered hair stylist Sara Pestella's beauty salon in Florida.

image: Facebook

Holly is a security guard who shortly before her wedding decided to revolutionize her look.

Consequently, she showed up one morning at the beauty salon run by the hair stylist Sara Pestella, dressed in her usual work clothes, with wild and disheveled hair, reaching almost to her hips.

As soon as Sara saw her, she understood that this would be a titanic undertaking.

Holly's father had told her all her life that a real woman has to have long hair to be attractive. These words had influenced her for a long time, so much so that for years she had refused to cut her hair. However, as her wedding day approached, she thought it was time to make a change.


The lack of care and the extreme length had damaged and weakened her hair. In addition, her hair had also been further damaged by a partial hair coloring attempt that had failed.

For a job like this, an entire professional makeover team was needed, starting with the cutting of more than 24 inches of her hair (60 centimeters).

To restore her hair color, it took about 7 hours and four separate steps until the color was completely fixed. Just look at the final result to understand that it was totally worth it. Now Holly is a new woman, changed both inside and out.

At the end of the makeover, Sara felt very proud of the result, not only for having made such an important restyling decision but also for having given joy and satisfaction to her husband-to-be.

Holly's new look made her feel more beautiful but more importantly made her feel much more self-confident and optimistic.


Now the former "ugly duckling" has become a swan and is ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful days of her life. Sometimes, it takes so little to help someone to like themselves again and bring out the beauty that everyone has inside but that people all too often forget that they possess.


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